Extensive Experience For Virtually Every Industry

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Roy’s Delivery & Medical Services provides a Same-Day 24/7 Quality on-demand courier and medical service. We have the skills and experience needed to manage the delivery logistics for businesses of all types. Roy’s Delivery and Medical Service delivers over 1,000 medical specimens daily and over 500 on-demand deliveries daily.


  • We hand-deliver directly to the responsible person in each company, medical or firm facilities.

  • Proof of delivery (POD), is available immediately upon completion of service specifying time, date and name of individual accepting the shipment.
  • High service level – We understand the extreme sensitivity and importance of the specimens we transport and delivered. 90 minutes or less.
  • High-tech navigation and communication equipment to choose the fastest delivery routes.

Delivery Capabilities

24/7 365 High Service Level

  • Samples and Specimens
  • Dedicated Services
  • Hospitals
  • Contractors on foot (hospital facilities or other)
  • Labs
  • Technology
  • Pharmacies
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Emergency /Operating Rooms
  • Clinics/Centers for Elderly
  • Devices, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Home deliveries for patients
  • Blood Banks/Transfusions
  • Contracts
  • In-house Notary Public
  • Site and Building Plans
  • Payroll
  • Financial Filings
  • Permits
  • Courthouse Filings
  • Property Taxes
  • Legal Documentation
  • Recording of  Property
  • Service and Recording
  • Deeds
  • Interoffice Pickup and Delivery
  • Deliver Products Launch Campaigns
  • Deadlines Printed Materials
  • Trade Shows
  • TV Tapes And Commercials
  • Publicity Events
  • Sensitive Time Frame Reports
  • Deposits
  • Lock Boxes
  • Check Runs
  • Materials, Equipment and Supplies
  • On Demand and Routed
  • Scheduled and On Demand Bank Bag Deliveries
  • Negotiable and Non-Negotiable Instruments
  • Time Sensitive Documentation and Filings
  • Retail, Private, Institutional and Commercial Banking Clients
  • Services for High Wealth Management and Private
  • Food
  • Gifts Baskets
  • VIP Event Tickets
  • Spirits And More

Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service offers reliable, precise and time-sensitive courier services for virtually every industry and business.