med-Picture1Since 2000, Roy’s Delivery Service, Inc. has specialized in the delivery of  medical specimen for Jackson Health System, University of Miami Hospital and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. We specialize in the delivery of :

  • -Lab Specimen/ Blood
  • -Tissue Samples
  • -Surgical Instruments and Supplies
  • -Radiology Films
  • -MRI DVD
  • -Pharmacy Prescriptions
  • -Medical Reports and Documents

Roy’s Delivery Service provides professional, competent and properly trained and certified medical couriers to assist in all medical specimen courier service needs. Which includes:

  • -Medical Specimen courier
  • -In-House Hospital staffing
  • STAT services 24/7
  • -Route Medical Courier Services
  • -HIPAA Complaint, Fully Insured



We provide services for our clients in the legal, financial, television, governmental, collegiate, and hospitality fields.
We typically deliver, but are not limited to:

  • -Contracts
  • -Site and Building Plans/ Blueprints
  • -Courthouse Filings
  • -Permits
  • -Property Taxes
  • -Record Property
  • -Deeds
  • -Checks
  • -TV and Commercial Tapes
  • -Advertising Materials
  • -Printing and Supplies for Trade Shows
  • -Legal Documentations
  • -Interoffice Pickup and Delivery
  • -Bank Deposits
  • -Police Booking Docs
  • -Payroll
  • -Taxes
  • -Notary Public


We offer with every delivery a proof of delivery (POD) which is available immediately upon completion. Which provides service time, date, and name of the individual that accepts the shipment!