Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service, is not only dedicated to providing excellent courier services; as a company we also strive to help our community whichever way we can.

In 1998 our founder serve as a panelist for Entrepreneurial classes at Turner Schools.
In 2004 we donated our vehicles and drivers to assist a family in need and transport them to a safe hotel from Miami to Broward county after their house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
In 2005 we contributed our delivery and transportation services to support groups helping the victims of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
In 2006 we contributed our delivery services to the Women’s Fund organization, which is committed to social change as a means of achieving equality and a high quality of life for women and girls.
In 2007 Mrs. Hada Grullon had the opportunity to serve as a panelist for a Cutler Ridge Elementary School Entrepreneur class and spoke about the challenges and intricacies of being in business.
In 2010 Roy’s Delivery Service donated an iPod Nano for Neighbors 4 Neighbors Family Fund, which helps families in crisis. The Neighbors Family Fund is a lifeline for those who need a small hand up to become self-sufficient.
In 2015 Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service contributed to help our children in our community with cancer.


Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service donated for needy children in our community.


Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service contributed with TeleMundo Channel 51 to Caravana de la Alegria donating toys for our needy children.


Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service contributed to a silent auction to help our communities with various charities.

We strongly believe in helping and giving to others, as well as providing opportunities for people in our community with care and value.