Our Bios

Hada Grullon

President & CEO


Hada Grullon is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Roy’s Delivery and Medical Service.

Prior to founding Roy’s Delivery in 1994, Ms. Grullon spent more than 15 years in the banking industry in customer service and operations designing and developing high quality and personalized services across numerous divisions within the corporation integrated tailored programs to over 90 banking office buildings.

Ms. Grullon has leveraged her extensive operations and customer service experience to provide an industry-leading range of high-quality, integrated delivery solutions to Roy’s Delivery customers.

In step with the Company’s corporate philosophy, Ms. Grullon ensures the highest level of service quality and caring, a theme that permeates all aspects of Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service and is fundamental to Roy’s continuing success. Based on her deep expertise in customer service and operations, Ms. Grullon provides leadership and vision for an enduring, innovative company with an impressive and fast-growing list of corporate customers.

Ms. Grullon earned a degree in Liberal Arts and Philosophy from the Universidad Autonoma in the Dominican Republic and also attended Miami Dade College with an AA in business, and many entrepreneurial courses at FIU.

Ms. Grullon has been featured in many television programs, radio stations, magazines and newspaper articles. She also has received numerous awards for her work including 1999 Woman Business Owner of the year given by NAWBO, 1998 Miracle Makers from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, in 2001 Customer Client Service award given by Working Women Magazine and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter companies.

Ms Grullon an active supporter of the community and children received an award Helping Hands from Neighbors 4 Neighbors association for her business contribution to this great community organization.

We are a company that always value people and continue to get better every year. The privilege we have to serve each of our clients and the passion in providing a great service is who we are today”

Cristina Grullon

Chief Operating Officer


Roy’s Delivery & Medical Services

Cristina Grullon is the Chief Operating Officer for Roy’s Delivery and Medical Service, a 20 year delivery, transportation and medical service company providing courier solutions to the over 300 clients in South Florida and Latin America. Ms. Grullon is responsible for leading all areas of the business operations and performance for the company including leading the Human Resources department.

Ms. Grullon joined Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service in 2014, following a 27 years career in banking and held positions by increasing responsibility with Barnett Bank, including positions as a Vice President for Bank of America in 2000 to 2009. Ms. Grullon ran including all product planning, structural development, Human Resources and increased revenues by millions at the banking centers she led. Ms. Grullon joined Wells Fargo Bank in 2009 and led as branch manager and Learning and Development.

Ms. Grullon earned her business administration from the Florida International University and hold many accreditations from the banking industry Diversity Training Certification, Human Resources Certification, Certified Trainer, Audits certifications to name a few.

Ms. Grullon is an active member of our community supporting March of Dimes, United Way Committee, Latin Chamber of Commerce, American Cancer Society and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.

“Actions speak louder than words. We show people and our clients what we believe, seeing our vision come alive each and every day. Our vision took place 20 years ago which a lot has changed in the world, however our vision will never change, always with passion and commitment.”