Medical Courier

Roy’s Medical Courier Service Company, specializes in medical courier service of medical records, medical courier of biological substances, clinical trials courier, medical supplies and devices shipping. Same day medical specimen courier, local medical delivery services. We work exclusively with medical research and stem cell processing laboratories, blood banks, hospitals. Roy’s medical courier and same day medical delivery services are guaranteed. Our medical couriers understand the crucial and time-sensitive nature of transporting medical products. When it comes to dependable on-time guaranteed medical courier service, Roy’s Same day medical courier delivery service is the only choice. We will design the best suitable medical courier delivery solutions to meet your most vital medical logistics chain-of-custody for all your same day medical delivery service needs.

Roy’s Medical Courier Service provides same day medical stats, specimen and equipment pick-up, delivery service to hospitals, laboratories and clinical facilities locally . Trained in in full compliance with all OSHA Safety and Health, OSHA Regulations, Environmental Health & Safety on blood-borne pathogens, and HIPAA, each and every medical courier driver is tested annually in a variety of medical courier service healthcare requirements and is equipped to handle all medical service delivery needs. We are dedicated to meet the ever changing demands of the Medical Healthcare Industry. We will schedule the best medical courier route for your all medical logistics needs from daily route or will-call pick-ups and delivered same day.

-Call Roy’s Same Day Medical Courier Service:

  • When you need same day medical courier that are faster than your standard medical courier and medical delivery services
  • If you aren’t sure which medical courier solution is the best answer to transport your medical will call, “STAT”, medical specimen
  • If you have ad-hoc, short-term medical courier logistics projects requiring multiple modes of medical shipping and medical deliveries to medical facilities
  • Choose the Roy’s Medical Courier and medical delivery service solutions that best meet your same day Medical Courier Service needs.