Same-Day Medical Courier Solutions

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Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service specializes in medical courier services that includes medical records, biological substances, clinical trials courier, medical supplies and devices, same-day medical specimen courier, and local medical delivery services. We work exclusively with medical research and stem cell processing laboratories, blood banks, and hospitals. Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service guarantees same-day service.

Our medical couriers understand the crucial and time-sensitive nature of transporting medical products. When it comes to dependable on-time guaranteed medical courier service, Roy’s Same-day medical courier delivery service is the only choice.

We will design the best suitable medical courier delivery solutions to meet your most vital medical logistics chain-of-custody for all your same-day medical delivery service needs.

We are fully trained in compliance with:

  • OSHA Safety and Health Administration

  • OSHA Regulations

  • Environmental Health & Safety on Bloodborne Pathogens


Choose Roy’s Medical Courier Solutions for your ad-hoc, short-term medical courier logistics projects, requiring multiple modes of shipping and deliveries to medical facilities.