Time-Sensitive Documents Always On Time

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Roy’s “Legal Courier Service” specializes in legal courier service deliveries from interoffice documents, courtrooms, corporate events, filing and recording. Roy’s Legal couriers understand the sensitive nature and importance of time-sensitive documents or legal evidence deliveries, and the steps that are necessary to fulfill the requirements in the legal industry. When you have time-sensitive legal documents that must be delivered efficiently and securely, you need the help of a courier service that you can trust.

Our drivers are each equipped with high-tech navigation and communication equipment to help guide them through the fastest delivery routes and to allow them to stay in touch so that issues can be resolved promptly. Our dispatchers communicate frequently with our drivers to ensure that your deliveries are delivered on time!

Legal, Architectural, Government and Professional Services:

  • Contracts
  • Site and Building Plans
  • Financial Filings
  • Courthouse Filings
  • Legal Documentation
  • In-house Notary Public
  • Payroll
  • Permits
  • Property Taxes
  • Recording of Property
  • Service and Recording
  • Interoffice Pickup and Delivery
  • Deeds

Roy’s “Legal Courier Service” offers scheduled regular deliveries such as weekly court filings so that you don’t have to worry about organizing, pickup, and delivery each week.