Same-Day Blood Bank Courier Service

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Our “Blood Bank Courier Service” specializes in providing courier services from local labs, clinics, and hospitals to medical facilities. Our blood bank courier services understand the sensitive nature and importance of blood medical deliveries, and the steps that are necessary to fulfill the industry requirements. When it comes to dependable, on-time blood bank courier service, Roy’s Same-day blood courier service is your choice. We will provide and design the most suitable solution for your blood bank courier needs.

Our blood bank couriers are trained and accredited to comply with a wide variety of healthcare and medical requirements. They are equipped to handle all of your blood courier needs.

Roy’s same-day blood bank courier service is flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of the medical healthcare industry.

We are fully trained and compliant with:

  • OSHA Safety and Health Administration

  • OSHA Regulations

  • Environmental Health & Safety on Bloodborne Pathogens


If you aren’t sure what is the best answer to move your same-day blood products, choose the Roy’s Medical Service Solution and we will offer the best Blood Bank Courier Service that meets your needs.