Hada Grullon1Hada Grullon founded Roy’s Delivery Service, Inc., in 1994 when she saw the need for a quality delivery service company, committed to excellence in both the service they provided and how they can provide them. Through Hada’s business instincts and perpetual drive, the business has grown from (zero) to currently serving over 300 satisfied clients from South Florida to Latin America. Hada continues to build strategic business alliances and has established an expansive clientele and vendor base. She is constantly monitoring and providing quality services that surpass all current standards of her delivery, transportation and medical delivery service company.

Why we deliver

Over the years our deliveries have expanded from legal documentations, medications, and specimens. We have also delivered lifesaving organs, prescriptions and birthday cakes. We can say we have delivered it all , trust, health and most of all  many smiles of joy. We Value every customer and we treat them as part of our family. We Recognize that people are our greatest asset and that is what has made Roy’s Delivery Service a great courier service. . It is important to us that we help and deliver our best to our clients.  We believe that not only does our company grow with your services but our company will promote growth for your business as well.
We believe all this has made a positive contribution to our society.


Mission Statement:

Our mission and philosophy is to provide high standard quality courier services to our clients with the utmost care, as we do understand our client’s needs for security, speed, and total reliability at all times.
Our employees and contractors are an integral part of our commitment to our clients as we motivate and encourage them in education and provide them with the training and tools necessary to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment to do a great service job. We strongly believe in creating job opportunities for people in our community is one the driving force of our founder Hada Grullon.


Our Core Values:

The Core Values of the Roy’s team includes service excellence, respect, accountability, integrity, innovation and commitment to patient care in our community. Roy’s employees and subcontractors derive this commitment and dedication from years of providing excellent service to our clients. Quality, Trust, Reliability


Who We Are

Roy’s Delivery and Medical Services founded in 1994, provide 24/7 same day on demand courier and medical delivery solutions, saving our clients both time and money. Since we opened our doors in 1994, Roy’s Delivery and Medical Service, has gained an excellent reputation for both quality and prompt courier and medical service. We are committed to providing 24/7 on time deliveries, allowing our clients to have much valued peace of mind. Roy’s Delivery and Medical Service operates in South Florida with a portfolio of over 300 clients and over 45 subcontractors between employees and subcontractors​ .


Our Successes

Roy’s Delivery and Medical Service is just 20 years young and we’ve enjoyed much success over the past two decades. Our reputation as “courier of choice” is a direct result of the way we provide service to our clients ….fast, safely and responsibly. We create value within the communities in which we operate, provide local jobs, committed to caring for our customers, subcontractors and clients. Simply put, we work hard, work smart, accomplish our goals and reap the reward for achieving our objectives.