We Are Committed To Quality, Trust, And Reliability

At Roy’s Delivery & Medical Service, we provide a Same-Day 24/7 Quality on-demand courier and medical service. For over 26 years we have assisted our clients with all their courier and medical transportation needs. We serve all tri-county areas in South Florida and beyond. Today, Roy’s Delivery and Medical Service delivers over 1,000 medical specimens daily and over 500 on-demand deliveries daily.

Our success story began in 1994 when Hada Grullon founded Roy’s Delivery and Medical Service creating a courier service solution for every industry and businesses that needed a quality on-demand courier service to deliver on a same-day basis and convenient 24/7.


Our employees and contractors are an integral part of our commitment to our clients as we motivate and encourage them in education and provide them with the training and tools necessary to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment to do a great service job. We strongly believe in creating job opportunities for people in our community is one the driving force of our founder Hada Grullon.


Our mission and philosophy is to provide high standard quality courier services to our clients with the utmost care, as we do understand our client’s needs for security, speed, and total reliability at all times.


Our vision is to continue building the very best logistic courier and delivery services company that will have active and outstanding presence all over the United States of America.


The Core Values of the Roy’s team includes service excellence, respect, accountability, integrity, innovation, and commitment to patient care in our community.

26 Years Anniversary Celebration

Always Delivering With A Heart

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“We are a company that always values people and continues to improve every year. The privilege we have to serve each of our clients and the passion in providing a great service is who we are today.”